021821 / Chapter 4’s up.

110120 / Robert Proctor– the real Robert Proctor– gave me the go ahead to use his name in the story. I cannot tell you how weird that is.

100520 / The Super America Blastoff Corporation once again evade prosecution for their numerous and ghastly financial crimes. We’d cut ties with them over PR concerns, but they do startlingly good work. Also they’ve fixed it so I only have to pay a maximum of $750 in taxes each year, if at all.

100420 / Graphics added to chapter index. Vertical padding cannot be killed by conventional weapons. Not sure if I want to get a PS5 up front, but I do want to see Horizon Forbidden West in all its glory. Greg had some good points about chapter 4 that will likely be incorporated and noted here.

100320 / Chapter 2 tests positive for COVID-19. Troubling.

092920 / Minor typographic fixes across the board. Sam and Max games are on PSNow, and I’d forgotten how good the writing was for any iteration of that franchise.

092820 / Chapter 3 is live. I’m having spaghetti, so I am physically incapable of complaint. After some laborious CSS edits, page titles are no longer forced onscreen, and that big white space preceding the content has been erased. This place is starting to look respectable.

I’ll have to do something about that.

092320 / Chapter 3 is off to Isaiah. Super America Blastoff have begun design. Kokoski and I are planning to work on a Sprinkles-centric chapter. The plan for chapter 4 is to just plow through it in two weeks.

Scratch’n’sniff functionality disabled after multiple reports of hospital visits.

061720 / New chapter art for chapter 2 updated, original photo via Christopher Lucka. Wondering if I should trade-wait for Hickman’s “Decorum”. Hey, do you guys think I should get a dog?

052020 / 00 Prologue titled “Fiction,” links remain unchanged.  Art for prologue added. Holahan sends me cash and some weird human resources flyer in the mail. I attribute this to the maddening experience of “being from Moose Jaw.”

051720 / Main page graphic adjusted to better accommodate mobile browsers. Broken link from chapter 1 to 2 fixed. All pages now read you.

051320 / Scott’s birthday. Nothing to report.

051220B / Alteration to 02 FAMOUS TV KNIFE: “Overheard dialogue” near end of chapter expanded, amended with plot-relevant information.

051220A / Website launched. “Customer Service” bios added. Scratch’n’sniff functionality enabled.